One week before the Tokyo Marathon 2015

I think I get the riders of Rohan now. That pre battle for Middle Earth feeling of excitment, fear and apprehension…I get it. J. R. R. Tolkien – you’ve clearly run a marathon.

I can relate to this because next Sunday I am going to Tokyo to run the 42.2km that make a marathon. I have never been to Tokyo, and I have never run a marathon. It was always a distant, adult life goal. Something I would do when I was old and wise, and worldly. My father loved marathons before his hip operation. Finished 12 of them (trust me I asked for medal proof). My mother has managed one as well. Many of the people I train with at Prosport Fitness in Richmond have finished a couple too. I felt they were all part of some cult or elite club. They all spoke of their marathons with this glassy eyed look of excitment and fondness. I wanted that. I wanted in on that club.
When I told people I was running this event, so many replied saying they could never do it. Never run 42.2km. But now that I am 6 months into my training I know that that is not true. Anyone can run a marathon. I honestly believe that. It’s the biggest example of mind over matter. All you have to do is push past that mental barrier and tell yourself your body is capable of it. SIMPLE! and…….then run 42km…

The best tip I have for those who dream of running a marathon is to join a group. It makes the 5.00am wake ups so much more pleasant knowing that there will be someone waiting for you at the gym. You also know that if you don’t go, you will miss out on all of the gossip and laughs. The group doesn’t have to consist of your good friends, actually I encourage you to branch out. Our gang was a strange mix of an ex-football player, a personal trainer, a wedding decorator, a coconut water importer, a journalist and a pilot. But all of our quirks made the training session fly because I was so inspired hearing what everyone had to say each week.

I used to run with music, but now I couldnt bare missing the banter each training session provided. Runner’s can be strange units, but they are also almost always accepting, inviting and generous. We like to see others succeed especially from our own group because we know exactly the level of pain they have been through to get there.

I know that when I stand at the Tokyo Marathon start line in a week, with my army around me, I will be ready. I am just happy I don’t have to arrive at the battle by horse, and my opponents are not orcs…


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